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Lavor Australia – Discontinued Models (Oct 2020)

THERMIC 6.5 Pressure Cleaner

As of Saturday 17th October, the following models have been removed from the Lavor range. Some new models will be coming into Australia shortly to replace some of these. The discontinued models are listed below but can still be searched for in the top right hand search panel of the website: Ninja130PlusVertigo20Ind1900Marshall2900Bolt1509Thermic 6.5Thermic 9 Some […]

Lavorwash Introduces Industrial Refrigerated Air Conditioners

Lavorwash are happy to announce that we are launching a new range of Industrial Refrigerated Air Conditioners just in time for summer. We hope the new range will hit stores by 1st December. There will be 3 differing models of air conditioners on offer. A 27kW, 45kW and a 65kW model will be available at […]

New Product Range Coming…..1st December

A new and exciting lineup of products is coming to Lavor Australia and will be launching on 1st December 2019 right in time for the Summer period. Product descriptions, specs and normal files and images will be posted shortly with details of where to purchase products. Lets just say this new product range will be […]

Welcome to Lavorwash News Page

Welcome to the Lavorwash News Page! This news page will feature articles about what some of Lavorwash staff are up to and some of our valued customers. It will also feature new product and accessory announcements. There will also be articles about do it yourself machine maintenance and information. All to keep your Lavorwash machine […]